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Hi i am Gurpreet Singh.   I am an Achology Certified  Life coach, Certified in counselling skills, Author, Guided Meditation Practitioner , NLP Practitioner , REBT practitioner , Healthy living coach , Certified in Nutrition Fundamentals and a spiritual seeker. Achology - The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology (UK)  is an online Accredited Certification body for Training in Hollistic Healing.

Through Study & Experience  I have developed a lot of one to one   workshops, presentations, and special programs, which have been hugely successful and have touched the lives of lot of my clients.

I can Help you Choose the right career, Resolve Marital Issues , Improve Relationships, Be emotionally independent, Overcome negativity , Boost Confidence , Lose Weight , Give up old Habbits,  Be Stress Free , Be Productive , Be Happy and grow Professionally and  Personally.

how i work

I  am an  experienced and powerful presenter, delivering inspiring messages of motivation, happiness, love, respect, determination and success to the people who attend my one to one sessions.

I have  helped many people, young and old turbo-charge their lives, establish great relationships, find their purpose and discover the joys of a successful life. I believe  that people can (and should) live a happy life by learning basic emotional skills to manage their feelings and actions and to take charge of their life and that parents and teachers are very important agents in this process. Emotional intelligence is the key to success in life and all other aspects of life are just side effects of our ability to recognize and manage our feelings.

what i believe

I believe that our internal world is reflected by the world around us. This means that we must first become who we want to be and the results will follow. We also believe that other people are key to our success and happiness in life. This means that if we learn to give others what they want, through strong relationships, they will give us what we want. In fact, they will go out of their way to make us successful and happy.

My life coaching program is holistic and long-term focused. I work with you to build your emotional intelligence and then teach you how to sustain and even enhance the positive changes in yourself and your environment. In a sense, you become your own life coach. This combination ensures your change and growth long after the life coaching is over.

The essence of philosophy is that a man should so live that his happiness shall depend as little as possible on external things.

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